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Grow Lemon Plant

  Grow lemon plant at home. You grow any plant from citrus family indoors.     1. Keep lemon seeds preferable organic lemon seeds and soak them in water for 2 – 3 hours.   2. Let them dry and then peel the shell of the seeds.   3. Take potting soil in a cup or pot and plant the

Declutter Your Space!

      Here are few simple steps to declutter you’re your house space. Are you one of those who blames for lack of space for unorganized things? Then these tips are for you.     1. If you try to do everything at a time, you are going to get tired and feel stressed out. Instead of it, kee

Pick the Right Furniture

        There are a lot of options to choose from when coming to furniture in the market. If you are looking to revamp your home then here are few things you need to think about before purchasing anything.     1. First decide on how much your budget is. Fix it in mind and then go to

Ways to Stay Positive Always

      Having positive attitude is very important in life especially for the success in your life. So, whatever may be the situation, you need to take control of your mood and feelings to stay positive and happy all the time. You need to change the way you see the world around you. Here are the best ways to make yo

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