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Bad Eating Habits



Long term effects can be found if the dietary habits of our daily life are improved, that is proved in a research. Sometimes even poor eating habits can affect your heart which shows a long term results that are hard to turn back on. Because such activity may alter how genes express themselves in our body and body parts. The list involves immunity of our body also.



The (epigenetics) gene expression can keep ultimately the risks for the cardiovascular disorders at higher rate compared to others. That would simply show the no exposure effect that cause due to the unhealthy foods most people follow in their daily circulation. The noted researches have proved successfully that, effects like these are caused due to unhealthy foods in the first place.



These studies have proved with the demonstration about the importance of diet that includes the changes that occur in the epigenome. That encouraged researchers to proceed further for the interactions that occur between dietary patterns, DNA methylation which can also cause disease.



To make such researches about the effects about the unhealthy lifestyle that can easily affect our health and show adverse long term results. The effect in immune system functions even after passing through successful treatments meant for atherosclerosis – plaque that generally build inside the arteries which cause in the limitation of oxygen flow. It results in restriction of rich blood supply to other important organs in body.



Soon after, scientists decided to build two groups of mice to precede their research about this problem. The altered gene added susceptible for the fast development of atherosclerosis and high blood cholesterol. Those mice either were fed with high-cholesterol diet or with the high-fat containing diet. The results for the normal diet mice were also calculated and noted.