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Goodbye to Ab Crunches: Get Six-Pack Abs with These 5 Core Exercises

#six-pack abs #plank #Seated flutter kicks #Bicycle crunches #Russian twist #Leg raises #ab crunches   Most of us think that the only way to get toned abs is to do a million crunches. Unfortunately, the crunch is one exercise that can get really boring really fast. But there are other ways to get the to

Tackle Skin Complaints

        If you have skin problems such as acne, spider veins, eczema, etc. don’t fret. You can definitely cure them at home.     Spider Veins:   These are tiny capillaries running across the skin surface and look like fine red or sometimes purple, small wiggly line

Run a Marathon

        The demand for marathons and half marathons have significantly increased from past decade due its support for various causes. There are also many evidences that prove the importance of running in recent times after realization.     Lot of regular and serious runners swear by

Skintastic Future

        Both lifestyle and genetics matter when it comes to skin health but even if you don’t have good genes, few foods can still help you fight acne and wrinkles.     Proper hydration and anti-oxidant rich diet can save you by ensuring healthy skin. Drinking enough water and

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