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Book Shelf Organizing

      If are a bookworm and not an organized person, you are have tons of books lying in the house. It is simple to segregate your books in an organized and functional manner, this not makes your work simple but also makes your work and space more clear and consistent. Here are a few methods you may like to organi

#Tip:Fake It or Not

        Fake It or Not     You can easily find fake designer bags in the market these days but never carry them since one can easily know if it is designer or not. Mean while it's a big yes for fake diamond studs. Get those fake jewelry to showcase since it's hard to spot by

#Tip: Stain Remover

    Stain Remover:     If your favorite bag is stained with some oil, then take some baby powder and apply it to that affected are and leave it overnight. By the next morning, the stain will disappear and if it don't, then repeat the same process one more time.

Buying Designer Handbags?

      Ok, so you agree that you are eyeing on that designer bad and spend some bucks on it. The big brand name, rich craftsmanship, luxurious leather will definitely cost you more. So, it’s extremely important that you choose your bag wisely. You need to be extra careful.   1. First of all you s

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