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Both lifestyle and genetics matter when it comes to skin health but even if you don’t have good genes, few foods can still help you fight acne and wrinkles.



Proper hydration and anti-oxidant rich diet can save you by ensuring healthy skin. Drinking enough water and other hydrating liquids such as coconut water, fruits and vegetable juices, buttermilk, soups, smoothies and shakes is the key secret to healthy skin.



Foods for Healthy Skin:



Regularly have a tall glass of freshly prepared vegetable juice to get your daily dose of epidermal enhancing vitamins. Get carrots for vitamin A, tomatoes for lycopene and vitamin C, avocados for essential fatty acids and vitamin E, parsley and spinach for chlorophyll, folic acid and vitamin B12. You can add many such nutritious vegetables.



This glass of vegetable juice is better than any pill to get your vitamins and antioxidants. Omega-3 fatty acid is the best o work against wrinkles.



Intake its natural form through fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel. Almonds, olive oil, soya and rice bran oil are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acid.



Rich flavonoids in green tea are also great for your skin. Protect your skin from pigmentation, acne and wrinkles by drinking green tea regularly.



Probiotics are again good or your skin. Take probiotic curd to boost your immunity and kill bacteria that cause acne and skin problems such as psoriasis.



Collagen is a skin component which enhances and increases its elasticity. So, maintaining collagen levels well is important to prevent wrinkles. Vitamins are good friends of skin and so take egg whites for zinc which can keep skin firm. Take pomegranates for nutrients and polyphenols which boost collagen.



Things to Avoid:



Excess sugar lowers down the insulin levels off balance leading to inflammation inside your body and on your face. Cut down deserts with loads of sugar. Avoid snack bars and sodas too.



Fried foods have advanced glycation end products which are linked to oxidative damage resulting in inflammation which makes your skin dull, ruddy and wrinkled.



Fried foods are also high in sodium that case water retention and this reflects in your under eyes. Here your skin is thin and can swell easily.



Other than all these, you should also add exercise and adequate sleep to your daily routine for perfect skin. You need to break into sweat for healthy glow in your skin and sleep well during nights.