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Best Summer Hair Styles You Can Wear At Work

Every woman should concentrate on her appearance especially when it comes to her hair since a hair style can easily change entire look of the lady and this summer it’s quite hard to pick a right hair style. Its super hot outside and you sweat badly. You just can’t leave your hair loose due to this. So, let’s try different hair

4 Ways to Drape Your Saree

Saree is the Indian traditional dress and people from different states wear this 9 yard saree in different styles. Have you ever wondered how many styles are there to drape a saree? Don’t be surprised but the answer is over 50 styles. Few of those various styles are Maharashtrian, Bengali, Gujarati, etc. Not only the draping style differs

Money Saving Shopping Tips

A shopping champion is one who shops till drops. Did you think about smart shopping? Smart shopping is something where we buy those we need and within budget and can save a lot. It’s obvious to get attracted to products whether they are clothes or shoes or food and we end up buying unnecessary stuff as well. So, what’s the solution t

Embellished Saree Blouse Designs

    Sari is what comes into mind as soon as we think about traditional look or outfit. A saree can reflect perfect femininity and can look gorgeous with a perfect fit suitable blouse. We have to agree that a blouse can change the entire look of a saree whether chosen properly or not.   The way a woman drapes a

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