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Even as Ravikanth Perepu’s début thriller film ‘Kshanam’ struck gold at box office, the buzz around the film seems to have got louder with its latest video of the rock song ‘Pada Pada Pranama’ shot in Visakhapatnam going viral in social networking sites.

Breathtaking shots

What makes the video special is the winsome combination of some breathtaking shots of the city, film’s music director Sricharan Pakala’s brilliant composition and the soulful rendition of the song by Poojan Kohli.

The video that was released on YouTube on May 14 was shared and appreciated by many film personalities of the Telugu film industry including Rana Daggubati and anchor Anasuya. Incidentally, the video was released by director Ravikanth on Sricharan’s birthday as a gift from the film unit.

Speaking to The Hindu on the growing popularity of the video, city boys Sricharan and Poojan said the video was a post production work shot in Visakhapatnam in two days time. “

The entire video was completed in seven to eight hours time. This particular song comes at an important juncture of the film and its powerful lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry convey the whole theme of the film. In ‘Kshanam’, the entire song is not shown. The idea behind the video was to present the whole composition by showcasing some of the beautiful locales of the city,” said Sricharan, who has used his 10 years of expertise in rock music to create a unique fusion of rock with classical touch for the song.

The video features some beautiful shots taken at Tenneti Park, the subway, hills and aerial shots of the sea and the rocks. “We used drones to give it a different visual and make it look like we are in the middle of the sea. In one of the shots, we got on to a friend’s rooftop at Seethammadhara and shot the scene with drones to capture the beauty of the city against the lush hills,” the young music director added.

Singer Poojan Kohli said the song was special for him as it was one of the most critical elements of the film and a “difficult” one to sing because of the very high pitch.

“The video lets out the suspense elements of the film and hence, it was shot and released late. In fact, we have people asking us if it was shot in foreign locales by looking at the visuals,” he added.

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