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Office Attire



Most of the women spend a lot on party wear outfits but don’t think much when it comes to professional outfits.


But this even doesn’t mean you can’t make a style statement at work. If you are a fresher who just started working or if you are looking to refurnish your wardrobe, then here are few essentials ever working woman must have in her wardrobe.



White Linen shirt


A white well fitted linen shirt is a must in your wardrobe. You can team it up with colourful scarf or a light jacket.



Cigarette pants


Cigarette pants are slim fit pants which can me you look slender. Go for black or grey colour if you are in a corporate setup. If your job allows, then experiment with colours and go for chequered printed on them.





A blazer adds structure to your frame and make you look sophisticated for meetings with clients and presentations. Your blazer should be well tailored and should be soft and comfortable fabric. Choose vibrant hues like purple or red. Else you can go for the safe side colours like black and grey.





Kurtis are elegant, comfortable, formal and so are essentials. Go for plain kurtis will good colours like blue or purple. You can also go for good prints over it.



Black pumps


Closed toed black plumps should present in your wardrobe. They suit well every outfit at work and are safe option especially when you couldn’t go for pedicure.





Get a scarf and add a dash of colour to your suit or plain shirt. Choose fabrics like chiffon or silk which contrast your outfit.





1. Choose the shapes which flatter your body type.


2. Be careful about the hemlines and necklines.


3. Avoid too tight clothes or those made of unbreathable fabrics. Comfort is the first priority.


4. Wear minimum accessories. Choose studs over hoops earrings.


5. Add flair to outfit by wearing a wide belt in patent leather or a skinny gold belt.


6. Make your own style statement with good shoes and bags but don’t go overboard.