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When it comes to talking about food then it has to be me! Thank you very much. Telugu people obviously have some extremely interesting and mouth-watering delicacies to their credit. While the Telugu cuisine as a whole is marvelous, certain places in the twin states have their own specialties to boast and these are some we could come up from the top of our mind!


1. Atreyapuram Pootha Rekulu: These are just so famous that they’ve been used in songs as well! The creation of it is so amazing and unique that makes it all the more interesting to be eating this sweet delight.
2. Guntur Mirchi Bajji: Guntur, known for being fond being extremely spicy food, makes Guntur Mirchi Bajji a perfect dish that is a special delicacy here.
3. Bhimavaram Bajji Mixture: So popular that there are Youtube episodes and Facebook pages dedicated to it. If you find yourself somewhere in the vicinity don’t you miss this incredible street snack.
bajji mixture
4. Vijayawada Babai Hotel Idly: A legacy that is untouched yet attempted to be recreated time and again. I mean a movie was made with its name!
5. Nellore Karam Dosa: Well, our Ramu Kaka seems to defend it with his life. So it’s got to be amazing.
6. Chittoor Mamidi Tandra: Being one of the biggest processors of mango, this is bound to bethe freshest of its kind in the two states.
7. Kakinada Kaja: Possibly the only sweet delicacy that is known to have over a 1000 year history. This place itself is known particularly for Kakinada Kaja and you got to try it.
Kakinada Kaja
8. Krishna District Ulava Charu: Usually kept in stock for any food you would eat, this is something you acquire a taste for and if you do then there is no going back.
Source: desibantu
9. Hyderabad Pani Puri: Ok we know it’s supposed to be Biryani! But because we usually think beyond the obvious… Pani Puri, the 7 o clock hunger savior.
10. Araku Bamboo Chicken: If you have gone to Araku and haven’t tried the Bamboo chicken they serve on literally every street then you are a disgrace. (unless you are vegetarian like me). But I’ve heard that that steaming hot chicken tastes like heaven.
11. Bellampalli Sakinalu: Bellampalli is known specifically for its Sakinalu. It is a traditionally prepared here during the Sankranthi festival.
12. Golichina Mamsam Warangal: Golichina literally means fried in Telangana , and Golichina Mamsam claims a very important place during festivals. And it looks delicious!
We’re sure we missed some while we were drooling over these. Tell us if you know any more!?
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