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Every college student’s biggest worry is to manage his/her finance. And also good food is a little expensive, for such kind of tight and rigid budget. We went around Vizag and found a few places which are very budget friendly, and provide you with tasty food.

1. Kolkata Fast Food Center:

Known for its mouth watering biryani, this place offers you a delicious alternative to the restaurant biryani. Stop by this joint if you crave biryani and are tight on money.

2. Down Maggie:

Any GITAMite will vouch for the taste and the satisfaction this place offers you. A hot serving of Maggi cooked with household masala on a cool rainy evening; oh! how much we enjoyed this!


A steamy delight of South Indian tiffins are the speciality of this place. Extremely pocket-friendly and the perfect way to satisfy your appetite in low-cash situations.

4. Kalyani Mess:

If tiffins or fast food doesn’t satisfy you, head over to this place for a full South Indian thali just for Rs. 90.

5. Sri Noodles Center:

A speciality of this place is a dish called “Egg ball fried rice”, costing around Rs.80. One serving of this dish is enough to hold your hunger for the rest of the night!

6. Kailash Pav Bhaji:

If South-Indian food isn’t your choice of food, drop by any of these. There are quite of few of them on the beach road which offer this North Indian evening snack. And they never disappoint in their quality. All for a paltry Rs. 30 per serving.

7. Chicken 555 by the beach:

This is the trademark dish of a road side food joint found opposite the US Shoppe on the beach road. This area, known as Jasti Square, is quite populated during the weekends, thanks to “Aunty’s”, the place offering chicken 555, for just Rs. 90.

8. Chicken Manchow by the beach:

Located right next to “Aunty’s”, this place’s speciality is the Chicken Chowmein-Manchurian or Chicken Manchow. And do watch out for this spicy delicacy the next time you head down beach road. It is hard to miss!

9. Momos by the beach:

Right opposite YMCA centre at the start of Beach road, you can find this little place offering you North Eastern food. Whether the momo is fried or steamed, it is sure to keep you longing for another serving. And this comes at just Rs. 30 per serving.

10. Soup-auto near Waltair Club:

Found in the vicinity of the Waltair Club, this snack bar-on-wheels will surely delight your taste buds and leave you with a happy mood.

11. Bismilla Noodles Center:

Known for their noodles, this place is a regular for all the students and the office goers, who crave a light snack. You can find it right in front of the Zilla Parishad office. Do try this place and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

12. Pepper Yummies:

One of a kind in Vizag, this food truck offers fresh and extremely delicious food. They are very hygienic and use only fresh vegetables. And all this for a surprisingly low cost. A plate of egg noodles costs just Rs. 60.

13. Fish bar:

Found at the rear entrance of Waltair Club, this place offers tasty roasted food. A serving of roasted chicken costs roughly Rs. 100.

14. Puja Kitchen house:

Situated near the Bell Park, this joint is the perfect place for Chinese samosa and the like. These relishing snacks are amazingly low priced. Do try this the next time you are hungry and want to save some dough!

15. Kulfi-auto:

Right opposite The Park, this kulfi-on-wheels will give you a delectable which will appease your want of sweet.



Source : South Report