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Most of us think that the only way to get toned abs is to do a million crunches. Unfortunately, the crunch is one exercise that can get really boring really fast. But there are other ways to get the toned mid-riff or six-pack that you are looking for. Here are five exercises that target your entire midriff.

1. Plank

The plank is an exercise that not only works your abs, it also improves your strength and endurance. As an added bonus, it strengthens the rest of your body as well, especially your shoulders and your back.

Tip: Start off with three reps of 30 seconds each, and increase the time for each rep as you get better!

2. Seated flutter kicks

Try doing these at the end of your workout to improve your endurance. Your middle and upper abs will reap the benefits.

Tip: Three sets of 15 reps should start you off. Once your endurance gets better, bump up the number of sets.

3. Bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches work your entire midriff, including your obliques, giving you the V-shape that you are looking for! They’re a little tough on your body, but you’ll get the hang of them really fast. Make sure to watch your form and completely come off the floor.

Tip: Start with three sets of 30 (that’s 15 times each knee and its opposite elbow almost touch).

4. Russian twist

THE move to fight those love handles, the Russian twist makes sure that your obliques and your back do their part in supporting your midriff. They also work the middle of your abs.

Tip: Three sets of 30 are a great start (15 for each side). Once you can manage that, increase the number of sets.

5. Leg raises

This exercise works your entire midriff in one simple move. Make sure you do it slowly. Watch your form, making sure your back and buttocks stay on the floor. Use your arms for support if you have to.

Tip: You can start with three sets of 10 reps, and gradually increase both.