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This Diwali you can see hordes of online sales. Many deals and discounts are being offered online. So, this festive season, you should make sure you are getting best of the deals. Here are few tips to help you use right deals.



Festive Season Sale



We know very well how offline shopping is this festive season. Juggling the big crowd and picking a good product and then waiting in long queues to the trial rooms and billing counters is bad and time waste. It’s also too much tiring. But it’s time for great online shopping. Laying on your bed you can easily go through each and every product and choose the one you like. Payment isn’t difficult too. You can see jumbo sales one after the other online.


You used to plan in advance to whenever you go for shopping but now you just need to log in and shop. But there are few things you should always keep in mind while shopping online especially during season sales. Since there are more e-portals these days, we love to do window shopping often. These days we don’t shop since we need anything. We shop because there are huge discounts.


First of all, make sure not to buy things you don’t need. You’ll end up buying it since you got it for 50% discount but you don’t use it anymore. What’s the use? So, don’t get tempted by those discounts and offers. Instead but things you may need. Don’t stock up unwanted things.


Once you’ve decided on what to buy, instead of getting tempted by the discount on that object, compare prices on various sites.


Next you need to check if there are any coupons available for that site. There are many coupons available these days. So, check for that for extra discount.


One more thing is the time you purchase. Many of us purchase during the day time. If you don’t want face out-of-stock problems or site crashes since many users visit during the day time, try shopping early in the morning when very less people shop and the site speed is good.


Now when you’ve added all the items to your cart and you are about to checkout, make sure to choose cash on delivery. During these festive sales, many people shop online and this the time when hackers start their job. So, it’s better to go for cash on delivery or else use an account with minimal balance in it.


One more advantage of cash on delivery is you get to check the product and then pay for it like you do offline. If in case there’s a missing product or anything is wrong, then you can refuse to pay.


Returning product is so hassle work and if you chose to pay cash on delivery, you can avoid this.