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#Tip: Water Stains on Leather Shoes?

        Remedy for Water Stains on Leather Shoes         To remove watermarks from your leather shoes or boots, mix few drops of vinegar in a bowl of cold water and scrub the stains with it using a soft bristled brush till the stains are removed completely and keep

#Tip: Stretch Your Tight Shoes

        Stretch Your Tight Shoes         If your shoes are tight and you wish they were little large, then stretch them by simply filling freezer bags with water in them inside the shoes. Keep it in the refrigerator and leave it overnight. The next morning, your sho

#Tip: ​Save Jeans While You Wash

    ​Save Your Dark Jeans While You Wash   Your jeans doesn't need to be awshed as often as other clothes need. But whenever you do, take a precaution to increase the lifespan of your jeans. This tip can keep that dark color stay long for your favorite jeans.   Mix 1 cup distilled white

Striped shirts for women

      Do you know why many designers prefer striped shirts for women? It’s masculine but edgy as well. The point here is to opt for vertical stripes to look slimmer than you are but if you are that lucky one who needs to look little plump, then go for horizontal stripes. Don’t go for striped men’

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