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Poor Eating Habits Affect Heart

        Long term effects can be found if the dietary habits of our daily life are improved, that is proved in a research. Sometimes even poor eating habits can affect your heart which shows a long term results that are hard to turn back on. Because such activity may alter how genes express themselves in

Pizza and No Weight Gain

        Every time you eat a slice of pizza, you see you weight gaining. So many calories start haunting you. Dieticians always recommend you to stay away from food such as pizza but since you like it you sometimes can’t stop yourself from eating it. In such case, you may like to apply few tricks to

Gym Protocol to Follow

      Like being well mannered at dining table is important, following gym etiquette is equally important. Sometimes you may forget about everyone around you in the gym and do silly things that may annoy them unknowingly. Here are few rules you must follow which no one tells us.     1. Avoid

Remedies to Acidity

    We know how acidity feels like. Almost everyone undergoes through this situation. Anything could be the reason. It could be due to over eating or due to spicy food. What so ever may be the reason, we are left with that uncomfortable experience leading to reach that antacid bottle. But we have many alternatives to this bottl

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