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Low Calorie Indian Foods

      Usually most of the Indian dishes are spicy, oily and heavy. They are full of calories. You must be wondering which of them are low in calories, aren’t you? Well there are low calorie foods in our list. Check them below.     1. Buttermilk:     This delicious

Exfoliate Skin this winter

      Now that the winter season is here, it’s time to change few things in our lifestyle. Coming to skin care, we have extra challenges and so we need to take extra care of it.   Dry skin looks dull due to dead skin cells and that is why this needs proper exfoliation every week.  

Foods to Have In Winter

    The season has changed so we should. This winter what should you eat? Here are few super foods listed which are capable of protecting us from cold and flu this season.   Food such as lean proteins, whole grains and low fat dairy products are must along with minimum exercise, low stress level and enough sound sl

Highlight Your Hair

        These days few are saving lots of bucks with many DIYs. If you go to the parlour for hair highlights, it’s definitely going to empty your pocket. So, today we are going to see how you can it yourself at your home yourself.     Step - 1   Get a kit with labe

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