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A Pinch of Salt

          You can't eat it without salt. The same too much of it also won't work. This salt which is known as sodium chloride consists of 40% sodium and 60% chloride.   Based on few studies, the recommended upper limit of salt for an adult is between 3.75g and 5 g, i.e. about

#Hair Tip: For Limp or Fine Hair

    For Limp or Fine Hair   To add volume to hair, add something unlikey like beer. This fermented drink consists of yeast which plumps tresses.   Take beer in a container and set it aside for 2 hours to deplete carbonation. Mix 1/2 cup of it with 1 tsp sunflower or canola oil and raw egg. Apply t

Deal with Anxiety

        You are on the bed now but still unable to sleep. It may because you are thinking about something. It may be your job, some project, health insurance, family problem or anything. Time is passing by this way and now you realize that you aren’t getting sleep.   In such cases we alwa

Yoga for Men

        It's not about jogging or gym when we are talking about men's fitness anymore. Now men are being advised to try yoga as a part of their fitness regimen. Here are few reason listed below why you must give it a try.     To build the core:   Gym offers ab wo

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