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Every time you eat a slice of pizza, you see you weight gaining. So many calories start haunting you. Dieticians always recommend you to stay away from food such as pizza but since you like it you sometimes can’t stop yourself from eating it. In such case, you may like to apply few tricks to keep those calories away from you. You don’t have t worry about the pounds you are scared of gaining and till enjoy the pizza.



Halving the Cheese:


What makes a pizza so delicious is its cheese filling in it. Next time you prefer a pizza, ask the chef to use half of the cheese usually the use. Also there are various types of cheese. Choose the one with lo calories. Try parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar or low fat cottage cheese. You’ll definitely be satisfied.



Topping It Properly:


Choosing the right items for toppings is must. Try green leafy vegetables for topping. Avoid proceed meat completely and use meat with lean proteins instead. Try using vegetables such as capsicum, zucchini, spinach, broccoli and avocado. You can also spice it up with black pepper, chilli flakes or hot sauce.



Thinner Slices:


Usually pizzas are made with refined white flour which has no nutritional benefits but they also increase the calorie intake. So, prefer thinner slices of pizza instead. If possible go for those with wheat flour or whole grain base. Totally avoid stuffed crusts and get the simple base.



Proper Appetizers Are Must:


You can complement your pizza with a nutritional appetizer. Opt for a green salad or a vegetable soup instead of cheese garlic bread, potato wedges or French fries. These will make sure your stomach feels full ain a healthy way and you don’t overload with calories.



Check Before You Sip:


You always tend to add a liquid to your pizza diet. What is it? It is obviously a soda or a soft drink. But think again. These also lack nutrition and are loaded with high calories. So, drink clear water instead or opt for freshly squeezed juice.



Sharing the Pie:


Sharing your pie will make sure you don’t binge on pizza. Share your pizza with your buddies. Instead of getting many small pizzas, get a single large pizza to make sure on how much you are consuming.



Not for Dinner:


Taking pizzas for dinner and sleeping with short time gap isn’t really a good idea. This may lead to indigestion and bloating the next morning. So, having it for lunch is better since you get enough time to digest it.


If you keep all these points in your mind and follow it next time you plan to eat a pizza, then you can control the intake of calories and avoid weight gain to some extent for sure.