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Palak Curry Recipe

        Ingredients:   Washed and chopped spinach bunch – 1   Chopped medium sized onions – 2   Chopped ripened large tomato – 1   Chopped garlic cloves – 2   Cumin seeds – &frac1

Butter Chicken

        Butter chicken is also called as Murgh makhani, an Indian dish especially a Punjabi dish is famous all over the world. This takes 1 hour for preparation, 30 min to cook and overall 1 ½ hour to 1 hr 40 min serving 4 plates.     Ingredients   Chicken –

Pav Bhaji

        Who doesn’t like pav bhaji? It’s a delicious fast food which is mostly found in Maharashtra especially Mumbai and Pune. In Marathi Pav means bread and bhaji means curry and vegetable dish. We rarely find it in Andhra streets but we can definitely make this delicious dish at home. You c

Baked Potato Soup

        Potatoes like to use salt but if you use your own homemade stock or low sodium stock which isn’t well seasoned then you have to use more to this soup for difference.     Ingredients   Russet potatoes – 4 pounds or 7 medium sized   Thick s

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