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Italian Style Eggs

        If kids like to keep the meal components separate, serve the toast on the side. Use bread as a base for the sauce and eggs is a trick to enjoy the taste. This recipe takes 7 min of preparation time and 18 min cooking time to serve 4 plates.     Ingredients:   &fr

#Tip: Cut the Bitterness

      Cut The Bitterness       You don't like arugula and kale due their bitterness. Soak these bitter greens in a bowl of ice cold water and refrigerate for about an hour to reduce the bitterness. Let the leaves run through the salad spinner few times and with a paper towel, dry

Papaya Orange Smoothie Recipe

        Papaya orange smoothie is loaded with nutrients and is one of the healthiest fruits. It lowers bad cholesterol, cures colon, cures morning sick and many more benefits to list. Blend it with any citrus fruit like orange and you’ll get a power packed smoothie ready. Moreover even diabetics can

Colours of Festival

      Navratri and Durga Puja are dedicated to worship Goddess Durga all around the globe. It began on 25th Sep this year and this festival is being celebrated for 9 nights and most importantly nine forms of the Goddess are worshipped. Every year devotees try to know the list of nine colours we are supposed to wear

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