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#Hair Tip: For Itchy Scalp

      For Your Itchy Scalp   Due to poor diet , climate and lot of stress your scalp may have flakes. To fight this problem, you can try lemon juice and olive oil. Acidity in lemon juice helps you get rid of dry and loose flakes on the scalp while olive oil moisturizes your scalp.   Mix 2

Lazy Girl Skin Care Tips

        Whatever may be the season or weather, you need to cleanse regularly. After a long hectic day, you just wish to fall on the bed and just sleep. You feel lazy to do any more work and don’t concentrate much to follow the skin regime. So, all lazy girls around, these tips or guide for you to ta

Best Workout Snacks

          After starting your work out, in just 10 min you realize that you are tired and hungry. You didn’t eat anything good before you start. Here is a list of top few workout snacks you should add to your daily regime.     Apples: Apples give you slow release energ

Tips to Clean Up Diet

        Many people plan to heat healthy but later on give up. There are many benefits of eating the healthy way and to live longer. If it’s difficult to change at a time, start taking with a small step and then proceed step wise. Here are few proved tips to make these changes.    

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