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Rectify Health Mistakes

        We agree or not but we do have few unhealthy habits but it’s never too late. You can still start leading healthy life style. So, here are few common mistakes we do.     Apply sunscreen:   In countries where sun effects are much more like India, not using sun

#Hair Tip: For Dry Hair

        For Dry and Sun Damaged Hair       If your hair is dry and dmagaed and what ever may be the reason behind it; whether it's hard water, hair dryer, flat iron, sun exposure, honey can cure the problem.     Take 1/2 cup honey and massage to you

Get Rid of Dark Circles

          Dark circles occur mainly because of heredity, dry skin, aging, prolonged crying, sitting in front of computer foe long hours, stress, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, etc. Dark circles aren’t serious problem but they make you look exhausted, tired, unhealthy, and older. Here are fe

Habits to Adopt Before Hitting 30

        If you are going to hit 30 soon, then it's very much important to check with your habits whether good or bad. Observe the changes in you with increasing. It's very much important to develop few good habits for a better life.     1. Setting Goals   Setting

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