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Strawberry Meringue Cream Recipe

    Strawberry Meringue Cream is a simple yet fabulous desert and is a perfect choice. The tempting look itself can create an urge to have it soon. No guest can regret to taste it. It’s commonly known as Etson Mess and is a perfect last minute desert.   Ingredients:   Large egg whites &ndash

Sweet Corn Soup Recipe

    Sweet corn soup is a healthy food and it’s a home remedy for cold and fever as well.   Ingredients:   Vegetable stock – 6 cups Corn flour – 2 tbsp Soy sauce – ¼ tsp Salt and pepper – As per taste Cream style sweet corn – ¼ cup

S more Cups Recipe

    Ingredients:   Graham Cracker – 1 cup Powdered Sugar – ¼ cup Melted butter – 6 tbsp Divided regular size milk chocolate candy bars – 4 Large marshmallows – 12   Method:   1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Mix Graham cracker crum

Citric Crush Recipe

    Citric crush is a perfect drink for summer season but like we enjoy hot drinks in the monsoon, we can enjoy cold drinks this season as well. Try it this monsoon and you’ll definitely love it.   Ingredients:   Frozen pink lemonade concentrate – 1 can Chilled cranberry juice &ndash

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