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Going Citrus Way

    How about a good lemon drink during your day out in the beach? Or how about a watermelon cooler? You are most likely to choose watermelon cooler over lemon but let me tell you one thing, lemon is a lot useful to your body. Loaded with vitamin C lemon has the ability to deliver up to 111% of vitamin C if consumed with t

Best Fruit Pies

  Vegetables and fruits can make delicious pies. Making pies and filling them with fresh fruits isn’t difficult. Moreover these are very healthy too. Here are few ideas to try.   1. 3-berry filling     3-berry fruit pie got blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. Add 1 pound of each berry

Benefits of Positive Friends

    It is true that everyone wants to have positive people in their life whether it’s a friend or any relative. We even want positive people as our neighbors. But in reality, people aren’t so perfect and they aren’t always good and supportive to you. A friend should be here for you always, should treat yo

Ways to Meet New People

    Meeting new people and making new friends might not be your cup of tea but it is absolutely a necessity in this fast 21st century of socializing. With the internet making things a lot easier for you, how do you do that in the real world as well?   Getting out of your circle:   Ever wondered wh

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