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What If… Engineering Courses Had Honest Descriptions?!

Engineering – the course that is filled with fun, and also its share of trauma. We all fool the people around us, and ourselves, saying it is a good course, “Baaga future untundi.”, and all that crap. Baigan. Join aithe thelusthadi daani kiccku.   1.CSE     2. ECE     3. Inform

15 Places In India Every College Student Should Visit

Your college years is the best time for you to travel. Getting permission from parents is not as tough and there is no boss yet to cancel your leave request. The coursework isn't much either so if you can sort out the money issue, the road is open. College is that time when you're no more a kid but still not an adult. Travelling to d


1. SIMHACHALAM. If you’re looking for a bit of divine help but don’t feel like driving too far. Personal opinion: The conditions of the surroundings have improved a lot in the past few months. Do check it out ! 2. YARADA BEACH. The drive can be a bit of a pain, but once you do get there, the view and the atmosph

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