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#Hair Tip: For Dull Hair

    Hair Care Tip #1: For Dull Hair     Both styling products and pollution outside leads to a film which saps moisture and dull shine. But we know that dairy products like yogurt, sour cream can reverse such damages.   Lactic acid is capable of stripping awy dirt and milk fat moisturizes

Home Remedies for Blackheads

    We can’t bear blackheads on face, can we? They look so dirty and Yuk. These tiny black spots on face especially on your nose are very difficult to remove. These form due to bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells which clog the skin pores through which our skin breathes. But don’t worry. There are many home remedies

Health Benefits of Asparagus

    Asparagus, a member of lily family includes leeks, garlic and onions. There are a hundred types of asparagus but only few are edible. We eat green or greenish purple asparagus. There’s also a white color variety which is grown underground to preserve the flavor. But they lack chlorophyll.  Asparagus is expensive

#Tip: Eat Bananas

        Eat Bananas         Those who eat potassium rich foods are less prone to high blood pressure. Reducing sodium content in food is a must. Potassium packed foods include bananas, oranges, and cantaloupes.  

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