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Body Wrap Benefits and DIY

    Body wrap is a treatment where bandages or plastic wraps are used to wrap around body for weight loss through vasodilation. They help in temporary weight loss and inches at spas.   But these days body wraps are being used by slathering a body mask made of algae, mud, seaweed, clay, cream or lotion and wrapped f

#Tip: Get Strong Nails

        Get Strong Nails     Almost every girl at least removes the previous nail paint and applies fresh coat of nail polish once a week, i.e., on sundays. So, next time onwards, remove that old nail polish on saturday night and massage your nails for some time with a good moisturiz

Are Multivitamins Required?

        If you eat unhealthy and irregular meals, then you might be at risk of running out of vitamins and minerals. Such people may need to take multivitamins but if you take healthy food and in time without skipping a single meal, then you may not need multivitamins since your body gets enough nutrients

Treat Sudden Acne Breakout

    Many factors affect a sudden break out. Hormonal imbalances, travel, stress, and even medications affect skin and may cause a sudden break out. These may be so irritating but these are temporary. You can speed up their disappearance by taking proper care. Don’t squeeze the pimples which actually make things difficult.

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