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With the recession hitting hard, you can never really tell when you will have more money and when you will have lesser amounts. But it is wise to save each time you spend money on something. To list out a few basic needs, you could start with groceries.


Groceries- Buying what you need:


Buy things which you need. Do not buy extras of every item and stack them until they get expired and not fit to be consumed. Also, make sure that you have a proper plan and schedule to stick to. With that schedule, you could shop easily for groceries and other needs. Make sure that this schedule stays with you at all times.


Travel expenses:


Travel expenses can be the worst thing that can eat your pockets. With airline tickets taking a toll every day, people are switching on to cheaper variants. If you need to get to a place nearer to your own home, opt for a public transport like a train or a bus. This can help you save a lot of money that you would have wasted into one air ticket.


If you still want to go by an airplane make sure that you book in advance so that you might get a discount. Or better, you could book tickets through an agent who will automatically help you reduce your ticket rates.




It is not necessary for you to wear designer clothes and accessories when you are planning to save; at least not always. It is time to hunt for those discount coupons that you have saved. These coupons might not be useful to you, but you could still sell them over the internet. Apart from that, you could go to the shop and try out something from them for a change.




Be reasonable in your gifting ideas. Ridiculously expensive gifts that are just a mere piece of storage, is not recommended. Unless your gift has true purposes do not gift your loved ones with expensive things. Moreover, you can always make your own gifts at home or give them a glimpse of your memory as a gift.


Event Tickets:


If you are planning to attend any event, then find a way to avoid paying full amount. There are agents or ticket vendors from whom you can get a discount else you may get a discount coupon as well.


Paper Products:


Paper towels may seem affordable but if you do the counting, it’s quite expensive. Instead of these paper towels, consider using a rag.