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While shopping online, it’s important make sure you are safe. Online shopping has become the trend now. Shopping online to buy gifts for your family and everything we need is quite simple but preventing identity theft and stolen credit card numbers is very much important. Below are few tips you should follow to avoid such problems.


Online Shopping


Avoid Shopping Over Phone:

A skilled thief can observe your transactions and steal your identity. So, avoid shopping over phone especially in the public places and u se your computer at home.


Secured Sites:

Use sites which start with https instead of http. ‘s’  here stands for security. Any information provided through these websites is encrypted and so, can’t be accessed by anyone.


Check Before You Shop:

Before you shop on any unknown site, it’s better to read testimonials, reviews, etc. If a particular site isn’t much reputed, you may feel it’s ok to shop there but never take a chance. But if you read anywhere that it’s not a good idea to shop there, never even try to shop there even though how appealing the deals might be.


Anti-virus Software:

Check if you have anti-virus software installed in your system. A popular one is McAfee. It blocks viruses and warns if you are heading to an un-trusted website.


Check The Fine Print:

Read the site’s privacy policy first. You need to read it thoroughly and understand the entire thing. After reading it, if you think it’s good, go ahead and shop there. If any dialogue box pops to check something or if it has a list of terms, don’t skip it and take a look at it first.


No Debit Card

If your credit card is stolen, there are many federal acts that can protect you from financial harm but debit card doesn’t have this chance. So, it’s preferred to use a credit card.


Social Security Number

Sites that ask you your social security number aren’t safe. Why do they actually need this number? Turn away from such websites.


Keep these few tips in mind you shop online. Avoid mistakes while you shop, protect your identity and stay safe.