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Pink shoes


Pink is the color symbolizing femininity and grace. This color and similar like-minded hues also goes perfectly with vibrant vibes. Who doesn’t love such a color? Girls go crazy for this color and now it’s occupying space in even men’s wardrobes these days.


Pink is a color regardless of the shade which can never disappoint you. Effortlessly it can transition into an evening party hue and has already evidenced international awards functions. From light to the loud shades of this color are popping up everywhere and every now and then. Now pink is no longer limited to girls. It also took over the men’s wardrobes and their runways. The season of fun, fearless colors are now attested to rich and deep pinks. Graceful and serene baby pinks look perfect on floral, flowing g=dresses and jumpsuits while the vivid bubblegum pinks go well with shorts, gowns and accessories. The thick pinks are all set to general consensus of the fashion police.


Cute kids in pink



Dusty Pink is huge this season whether it’s clothing or makeup. Pink colored eyeliners, dark pink lipsticks are popular these days. You can’t say no to a pink lipstick anyway. Pink has electric and power shades that define this season’s vibe. Why not try balancing these pink shades with hues like gold or black. Start experimenting with color combinations with clothing, makeup, footwear and even your accessories.