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Querky Tricks


Many fashionistas round the globe follow few common tricks when required. Try checking these tricks and follow them when needed.


1. If your jeans smells bad due to sweat, then put it in the freezer so that it smell less.


2. If your clothes are stained with oil, then you just need to put some baby powder and leave it overnight on it. The stain will disappear slowly.

3. If you want to make your sneakers look new, then wash them with baking soda and detergent using a brush.


4. Are your new shoes biting into your skin? If so, stretch them little bit by putting a bag of water in each shoe and place it in the freezer and leave it overnight.

5. Your jeans got the right fade out look you want and you wish it no more fades. So, just add distilled vinegar while you wash next time.


6. Your shirt is getting stained with sweat and so it’s quite obvious to get embarrassed with it. To get rid of it, simply spray lemon juice on it before washing the shirt.

7. If your clothes are stained with foundation, lip-stick etc., then just reach out for a shaving cream to remove them easily.


These are few of the quite common tricks many follow.