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Ice Cream Denims


This season your good old blue jeans are now getting a touch of fresh color. It became a staple part of your wardrobe and now here is the twist to this blue jeans. This is the season when these are available in many fresh shades such as lime yellow, peach, turquoise, teal etc. These shades earned themselves a name called ice cream jeans. From skirts and accessories, these colors have now occupied place over these jeans and everyone from child to adult and both the genders are much more delighted with this embracing trend.


This ice cream trend is not so new and that is why it gets a unanimous nod from fashion lovers and fashion police.


This trend is even more alluring because it can make you look casual and chic, classy and at the same time sophisticated.


Pastel shades can give you good look with a loose, flowy blouse and a side clutch as your hair accessory.


Coming to footwear, anything can go well with these vibrant colors. Try everything from flats to wedges to stilettos. But make sure all the accessories and footwear you are wearing are contrasting. Never go for too many colors.


So, do not wait anymore and start flaunting your colorful personality by playing with rich colors this season. Give a break to your dull denims now.