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Dress Up for Interview



When it comes to an interview, butterflies start flying in our stomachs scaring us. How is it going to be and what are they going to ask? Not only these worries, we even worry about our looks. What shall I wear and how should I look? What is too less and what is too much to wear? You should be presentable and your look should convey them that you are ready and serious about the job. Making a good first impression is very much important.



Your Nails


Nothing can be so odd if your interviewer spots your old chipped nail paint. It simply signifies towards your having trouble to keep things under your control. Avoid flashy colors completely which grab immediate attention towards your nails. Prefer neutral colors like pastels. Go for light pink or peach color. If you don't like to paint your nails at all, then make sure to keep your nails clean and well shaped. If possible apply a clear coat or go for french manicure for natural look.



Wear heels


There's a great difference between flats and heels. Heels can make a big difference to your outfit. Whatever height your heels may have, but they do a great difference. First of all they boost your confidence level and push you forward like you know your stuff very well. Avoid wearing stilettos. Your heels should be well polished and neat.



Wear a dress


If you think wearing pants and shirts tucked in well is the only way to look professional then you've gone wrong. Feel free to to wear a skirt or a dress but make sure not to wear sleeveless which makes you look casual and not professional. If you prefer to wear a skirt or a dress, make sure it's little above the knees. Anything shorter tha this will give you a party look while any longer than this looks odd and make you feel and look short.



Over dressing is better but don't under dress


If you are not sure on what to wear for interview, then make sure you over dress since it's better than under dress. This only signifies that you are really serious about the job while if you underdress, you'll be undertaken. Professionals look how you dress up and how you stand out of the crowd.



Natural makeup and natural hair


Red lipstick and smoky eyes are no no for an interview. You shouldn't wear loud make up at any cost. Also if you try out a new hair style for interview it's really going to be a bad idea. You never what its impact may have on you. Be simple and keep your hair natural and neat. Make sure to wear neutral makeup.