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Do you feel brilliant when you bag a bargain?


If you answered yes then you're not alone, as new research shows that around half of us now go out of our way to get a good deal.


Research from Money Supermarket found that 48% of Brits feel great when they bag a bargain, regardless of how much money we save. Nearly a quarter of us went further and said that we actually feel a sense of pride when we manage to cut a deal.


The ever-increasing cost of living is squeezing us all, so if you're not the sort of person who seeks out a bargain, or you wouldn't know where to start looking for discounts, here are a few tips to get you started and make you feel epic!


Crack the codes


With the huge number of voucher codes available online and on smart phone apps, it's a wonder anyone pays full price for anything.


If you're planning a day or an evening out, getting a takeaway or even booking a holiday - chances are there is a voucher code out there to get you a discount.


It could be 'buy one, get one free' on pizzas, 2 for 1 entry to a theme park or even 10% off flights, so it's worth searching online for voucher codes or searching the App Store or Android Market for some voucher code apps.





It's worth signing up to newsletters on the sites you regularly buy from, and even the ones you don't, because then the deals will come to you.


Also, follow your favorite brands on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, you'll be amazed what they are willing to give in exchange for a 'like' or re-tweet.


Do your homework


Consumers really have the upper hand when it comes to getting a cheaper deal these days, because it's easier than ever to shop around. Price comparison websites help you to find the best deal for you on everything from savings accounts to 3D televisions.


Whatever you're buying, check out as many different retailers as possible to see who has the best deal - and remember those voucher codes!


If your preferred retailer isn't the cheapest, call them out on it! If you've seen the price cheaper elsewhere, tell them and they might match it. Similarly, if you've seen what you want cheaper online, ask if they'll match that price in-store.




When Ghandi said: "If you don't ask, you don't get", he probably wasn't talking about getting a discount on a sat nav, but the old adage still rings true when it comes to bagging a bargain.


Retailers need your custom, so it's worth asking them what their 'best price' is on whatever you're buying, or if they're willing to throw in anything extra for free. Ask politely, you never know what you might be rewarded with!


Tim Moss, financial expert at MoneySupermarket said: "Households up and down the country are working hard to make their money stretch further.


"It isn't surprising we are seeing changes in shopping habits as consumers go the extra mile to expand their bargain hunting territory to make bigger and better savings."