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Shopping for groceries is so far the only easy job that can be listed when it comes to running a house. And it can be a fun process too if you are sure and clear of what you want.


There are some things that you need to keep in mind before shopping for groceries. To start with, make a list of the items that you need and also think of other items that you might need. Avoid shopping in bulk for a month’s use and stick to shopping for groceries on a weekly basis. If you have a specific schedule, then you can stick to shopping for groceries on a monthly basis as you will know what all to buy.


But if you are a person who likes to experiment with food and ingredients, stick to the weekly shopping schedule. Items like oil, cooking flavours and seasoning can be bought once in a while or whenever your stock gets over.


No matter what you buy, you should make sure that you buy a product with the correct manufacturing date. There might be products in the supermarket that are dated way beyond their shelf life, but you can’t blame the supermarket or the staff for it. So it is better that you are aware of the shelf life before billing your items.


If you are a vegetarian, pay attention to the ingredients used in stir fry and ready to eat recipes. Most of the stir fry recipes available in the supermarket are non vegetarian. There will be only a small amount of stir fry recipes in the vegetarian category. You can find the difference in the list of ingredients used in making the product. If you are a hard core veggie, then you should also make sure that there are no eggs added in any of the items that you buy. Once again, this can be done only if you focus on what ingredients were needed to manufacture the product.


Avoid buying products with very little shelf life if you are not planning to use them any time soon. As said already, you can go to the store when you want a particular product.