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We want to make you an offer that you can't refuse! How would you like to be a member of a club that opens the doors to a host of experiences,events and offers in your city? Presenting the exclusive CityURB! Club card!As a privileged member of the CityURB! Club,you get to have a whole lot of fun for simply being a loyal member.

One doesn't simply buy their way into the exclusive CityURB! Club.
If they would like to be a part of this club and join in all the fun,
they write to us at or collect cards from brand partners.
Yes, it looks like a credit card but it does not require swiping and all that jazz!
The card will have a unique serial number.Just present the card before you ask for the bill. Finally,you can earn rewards against your bill amount. Contact 9640931606
Membership to the CityURB! Club is valued at 200 Rupees Valid for 2 years.
Sure, this card can make you experiences better
We always want to make your experience rewarding and easy with CityURB!, that's why offers you various personalized services to benefit from